The Pawfessionals

"We had utilised Stephen's services on a number of occasions, to look after our dog - Yoghurt - who is a twelve year old Griffon. We had, earlier this year, been advised by our vet that "Yoggie" had a slight heart murmur which, at the time, did not require medication. On August 27th we retained Stephen to look after him for that weekend whilst we went to London. During the course of the day, Yoghurt appeared to suffer two fits and, on his own initiative Stephen managed to get an 'out of hours' appointment with our vet where it transpired that "Yoggie" had suffered two heart attacks. He was given immediate treatment and has subsequently been placed on life long medication. We believe that Stephen's prompt action almost certainly saved Yoghurt's life for which, needless to say, we are most grateful.
We would not hesitate to recommend his service to any pet owner wishing to trust their animal to him with complete peace of mind. "
Pat and Terry
My Bichon Frise has a new lease of life and has grown in confidence since she started with the Pawfessionals! She paddles in the river, is much more sociable and confident with other dogs and is obviously very happy. It gives me untold peace of mind to know my pride and joy is having fun and being spoiled while I am at work. It means I can get on with my job without worrying she is at home lonely and stressed. I don't know what I'd do without him! Lola dog feels exactly the same way - evident when her tail wags her entire body every time she sees him!

Lesley & Lola

dog care at home
Steve Workman of The Pawfessionals has been walking our dog for an hour, three times per week.

We have found Steve to be totally trustworthy and reliable. He is very flexible and helpful in fitting in dog walks around our schedule and we really couldn’t be without him now.

From the beginning, Steve’s love for dogs absolutely shone through and he is clearly an expert in all things doggy!

Steve goes the extra mile by sending us photographs and notes of our dog on his walks, so that we can see where he’s been and who our dog Dexter has been playing with, and these are a real joy.

Most importantly, I’m certain that if Dexter could write, he would provide The Pawfessionals with a glowing reference; he is always happy to see Steve and he loves his walks – he returns home tired-out and very happy.

We are really pleased with The Pawfessionals good value service and are happy to entrust our beloved dog Dexter to Steve’s care. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a gold star service.

Kerry & John

Battersea special
"Steve walks our dog Rufus three days a week. He is always reliable and trustworthy and willing to step in if we need extra walks. Nothing is too much trouble for him and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services. Rufus loves his walks with the other dogs and always comes back happy (and tired!). Having a great dog walker really does transform your life, so definitely give it a go!"


dog and cat care
"I acquired the lovely Leo in September 2010 from Battersea and while he has turned out to be a fabulous companion (define fabulous!) he has always suffered separation anxiety. Thank heavens for Steve. On the days I can't take Leo to work with me, Steve has provided a part /full day dog care service, fitting Leo in to suit me, while giving Leo a fun-filled day with long walks and plenty of cuddles and sweeties (doggie sweeties that is). That's Leo, second picture down on the left. Does he look anxious to you? Steve has also been 'Doctor Steve' on several occasions, adminstering eye drops to the cat, and tending to Leo's cut on his leg after barging through the greenhouse. So thanks Steve, and I thoroughly recommend him for anything animal related (wildlife too, as he was summoned to rescue a hurt pigeon in my garden)"