The Pawfessionals

Cats feel comfortable and relaxed in their own home and dislike the change that holidays can bring when they are taken to boarding establishments. In the worst-case scenarios they can become stressed and withdrawn when away from their usual environment.
The Pawfessionals can reflect your daily animal care routine, while you are away whether it is a hospital visit, holiday or business meeting, by visiting your pet(s) at home to take care of their needs.
Giving your cat food and making sure they have fresh water
Cleaning up any accidents
Cleaning of litter trays
Playtime and socialisation
Basic grooming and medical needs
Household security checks & plant watering service etc*
Text message daily update
Prior to booking your cat care service; we will conduct a short consultation session free of charge. This will ensure your questions are answered and we understand all the cats’ needs and your preferences. In addition, this will help us to create a bond with your pet, and ultimately, for you to feel comfortable with our services.

Once a booking has been agreed we will require a set of keys, which will be colour coded and kept in a locked cabinet separate from any details of your address for security purposes.
Prices for Cat Care Services
Up to 30 minutes visit
£6.00 for up to 3 pets
Includes all services
1 hour visit
£9.00 for up to 3 pets
All services allowing more time for social interaction.
*Security checks and other services include

Checking of windows and doors.
Opening and closing curtains and alternating lights.
Collection of mail from the letterbox area.
Refuse collection
Watering of plants both indoor and out
Creating that ‘lived in’ look to deter any unwanted visitor while you are away.
dog care at home
Battersea special
dog and cat care
Areas we cover

Christchurch, Mudeford, Southbourne, Boscombe, Burton, Walkford, Friars Cliff, Highcliffe, New Milton, Barton on Sea, Bournemouth, Tuckton, Iford

If your area is not listed we may still be able to help